Encosto Rest Pillow | Encosto de Carro Descanso de Pescoço Couro de Viagem

R$ 547,00
R$ 377,00
Descrição do produto

Please check the size of your car before buying,any problem please feel free to contact us

Breathable fiber PU

High quality fiber pu,no cracks after 20000 bends,no wrinkles after 100000 folds

EVA Memory Cotton and Double Shock Absorbing Spring

Dual combination of shock absorbing spring+slow rebound memory cotton,during the frequent start/stop on bumpy or congested road sections

Design of vibration damping shaft,full wrapping even side sleep

Zero pressure ,full filling for neck,reducing cervical inpact and making drving more comfortable

5 seconds Slow Rebound Memory Sponge

Breathable fiber PU leather + 5 seconds slow rebound memory sponge,comfortable support without sinking in the between.Strengthened binding design,delicate sewing and stitching.

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