Encosto Sleep Pillow | Apoio de cabeça, Encosto para Criança e Adulto

R$ 487,00
R$ 257,00
Descrição do produto

New car seat headrest car neck pillow sleep side head support high elastic nylon telescopic support side kids and adults


1. Car sleep headrest is universal in four seasons, avoiding stiff neck.
2. Suitable for children, adults and various car models.
3. Simple installation support for quick disassembly.
4. Made of high quality materials, it is not easy to damage.
Surface material: Breathable fabric
Product material: Eco-friendly ABS + memory foam
Use models: 98% of cars on the market available
Note: The headrest distance between two rods is 9.5cm ~ 18cm can be installed on the car seat.
1 * car cushion
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